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About Me !
It's always about me. .
Michael Capps

Michael S. Capps - Amateur Photographer
Flagstaff Arizona

I use to be, so if you see watermarks with this on it, that's me.

I only hunt with a CANON ! ! !

I live in a beautiful part of the state of Arizona, not everyone has this advantage or the opportunity to visit some of these areas.
This website was created as a place where I can post and share photos of these areas with my family and friends across the country.

These photos have been taken using cameras from 2 mega pixel up to 10 mega pixel as my photography has evolved. I currently shoot with a Canon 60D, and a Canon G11 for backup.
Please feel free to send me comments or ask how to get to some of these places, on occasion I have noted GPS coordinates to assist in locating these places.
I am always on the lookout for new sites to photograph.
Currently I am trying to locate old cabins and homesteads I saw as a youth to photograph and document. If you see a photograph posted and know the local history of it and wish to share it please contact me.

I have started an Old Flagstaff page of old Flagstaff photos, check them out.
My photos are available for sale, I can have them printed at most sizes, I do not do framing and I am not set up for Pay-Pal so we would have to come to some arrangement.
Thank you for looking at my site and I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Slideshow made by my Aunt Mary about her parents, my Grandparents. (lots of great pictures, slow to load but it is worth it)



Legal Disclaimer

Michael Capps Photography
All photographs in this gallery are subject to copyrights of the photographer (Michael Capps) and are protected by the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code
and by the Berne Convention. Reproduction, storage or transmittal by any means, of any image on this web site, whole or in part, is prohibited without express prior written permission.
Prints downloaded and or purchased from this gallery may not be reproduced or scanned for any reason and may only be used for personal display. If you wish to publish or reproduce
the materials in any physical or digital form or use them for any commercial purpose, including display or Web page use, you must obtain prior written permission from the photographer listed above.
Photos watermarked with arizfoto are from my first website.

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