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All photos are 800 x 600 . - - - I do have these photos in higher resolution (RAW) . Click on picture for full size.
View of San Francisco Peaks in the fall      
Chair Lift  
SnowBowl chairlift in the fall Sky Ride after a spring snow Chair Lift  
      Arizona Snowbowl
  Government Cave (Lava Tube) Looking out Inside Lava Tube
Inside Lava Tube Looking down in the Lava Tube Inside Lava Tube Inside Lava Tube
Grand Falls (Chocloate Niagra)      
  Chapel of the Dove Chapel of the Dove Locket Meadow
Caboose Old locomotive Flagstaff at night Flagstaff from Mt Elden
Pictures from the top of Mt Elden
Pictures from the top of Mt Elden  


Walnut Canyon
Walnut Canyon Dam, also called the Sants Fe Dam. Built in 1944 by R.B. Burns for the government, made of limestone Survey Marker close to the dam  


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