Flagstaff pictures from the past

These pictures have been collected from various sources, credit has been given where the information was available. I do not claim ownership to these photographs.
If you see any photos mislabeled or that belong to you and do not give you credit, please contact me as soon as possible to correct the issue. If you have any photos of Flagstaff you would like to send me, I will review and post them with the appropriate credits.

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Slideshow of Historic Flagstaff Area Photographs
Cheshire Motors Shell station 1948 Emerrson School Old Flagstaff High school
Cheshire Morors   Emerson School Flagstaff High School
Museum club tree Museum Club construction Museum Club Flagstaff to Williams
Tree used for the front door Museum under construction Museum club Road to Williams
Schultz pass road Fort Tuthill auto Racing 1939 Fort Tuthill racing Ruffs  1956
Schults pass road Racing at Fort Tuthill   Ruffs Liquor
Mcmillan earth crack Lumberjack cafe Flagstaff High school

McMillan Earth Crack
(courtesy Cline Library)

Lumberjack cafe   Flagstaff High school
Southwest Forest Industries RT 66 through Flagstaff Downtown Flagstaff Arizona RT 66  
Southwest Forest Industries RT 66 Flagstaff    
Big snow 1967 Big snow 1967 Big snow 1967 Big snow 1967
the "BIG SNOW" of 1967      
Pow Wow Pow Wow Pow wow Pow Wow
All Indian Pow wow      
  Rimmy Jims Rimmy Jim  

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